Importance of Coding Diabetes Mellitus

Published: 19th August 2010
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Diabetes coding guidelines:

One of the most common diseases seen in Medicare beneficiaries is diabetes mellitus. It is a disease in which the body fails to properly produce or use insulin. It can also be one of the toughest conditions to code properly under CMS model owing to its complexity and resultant complications and manifestations. There are two major types of diabetes mellitus that coders need to be aware of:

  • Type I Diabetes Mellitus (DM I)

  • Type II Diabetes Mellitus (DM II)

    DM codes are located in the 250 category; the fourth digit indicates the diabetic manifestation while the fifth digit indicates whether the diabetes is Type I or Type II and whether it is controlled or uncontrolled.

    Do doctors understand the importance of coding diabetes mellitus? Do you follow ICD-9-CM coding guidelines?

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