ICD-9 2011 Solves Partial Removal Stumper

Published: 08th September 2010
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When you cannot get all of a splinter out, there will be a new diagnosis code series that'll tell you the story. Family Physicians are familiar with foreign body removal that gets only a part of the object - and come this fall, they will have a diagnosis code that explains the condition.

During foreign body removal, pieces of wood, glass or bullet shrapnel might be left in. The fragment may either break or split, thus making removing the entire foreign body impossible.

This condition has put to test many a family physician. Sometimes, with a wood splinter removal, the procedure does away with some foreign body; although not all of it.

Is the FBR ICD-9 code still apt? In the event, the patient had further FBR done at one more encounter, would using the FBR diagnosis at the initial FBR encounter mean future claims using the same ICD-9 code would be shorn of?

Add these V90 codes to your diagnosis charge ticket

ICD 9 2011 provides a solution to both dilemmas. With effect from October 1, you can indicate a foreign body was partially removed. You can even indicate a follow-up check for infection after complete removal with a new code for personal history of retained foreign body fully removed (V15.53).

Family physicians might use ICD 9 codes for retained fragments of:

FPs Animal quills or spines - V90.31, Glass - V90.81, and the like.

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