COBGC Certification - Become A Key Player in Your Practice

Published: 04th June 2010
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When a coder gets herself a certification, she becomes a certified medical coder. She may additionally choose to go for a specialty certification to expand her coding know how. For instance, if you are an ob-gyn coder, you may choose to obtain a Certified Obstetrics Gynecology Coder (COBGC) credential.

A coder who has this certification is someone who has superior levels of expertise in ob-gyn coding. A specialty certification such as this brings a wealth of knowledge to one's practice. A COBGC's knowledge and skill makes them an important player in the overall financial health of a practice.

To get this certification, you have to sit for tough COBGC examination where you'll be tested on ability to read and abstract physician office notes and operative notes to apply correct ICD-9-CM, CPT, HCPCS Level II and modifier coding assignments, coding of obstetric services including antepartum care, deliveries and postpartum care, coding of surgical procedures performed by OB/GYN physicians and lots more. You will also be tested on medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and the like.

To get a complete grip on all these topics, the best and easiest way out is a COBGC training camp. When you sign up for one, you'll get on top of everything that you need to pass the COBGC exam. These camps thoroughly cover the principles of ICD-9 coding, HCPCS coding, CPT coding, E/M coding, etc, combining expert instruction with the best educational materials on the market.

After you're through with the training camp, you'll have all the confidence and education required to successfully pass the COBGC exam.

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