2010 CPT updates for cardiology: 36145 and 75790 take the exit door

Published: 15th February 2010
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The trend toward guidance-inclusive codes does not seem to be slowing. CPT 2010 outs 36145 and 75790 and instead instructs you to consider the following new surgical codes which include imaging: • 36147, • +36148.

If the initial evaluation (36147) calls for a therapeutic invention requiring a second shunt catheterization, then you need to report +36148 together with 36147. For add-on codes such as +36148, the services are always performed in addition to the primary service or procedure and it should never be reported as a standalone code.

Thankfully, the 36147 descriptor is clear and coding catheter placement with a diagnostic angiography should continue to be straightforward. CPT's wording for +36148 also should not lead to confusion.

Last year, you could report 36145 and 75790 together for catheter placement and diagnostic angiography. However CPT 2010 deletes 75790, and reporting 36147 covers both services. These changes bring forth the question of when to use all new AV shunt angiography code 75791.

But there's solution at hand: Notes with 75791 tell you to use it only if the physician carries out the radiological evaluation through an already existing shunt access or an access that is not a direct shunt puncture. If the service requires catheter introduction, choose from 36140, 36215-36217 and 36245-36247. And to head off any confusion, notes instruct you not to report 75791 along with 36147/+36148.

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