16 New Specific Codes for Lab Test in CPT 2011

Published: 23rd September 2010
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Whether it's the three new influenza tests or a specific test for tuberculosis, read on for the inside scoop on upcoming lab code changes.

Recently, CMS provided a sneak peak at new lab test codes for 2011. The listing covers CPT codes that the AMA made available and HCPCS Level II codes from CMS. The code numbers aren't finalized; X's represent unassigned digits. See to it that you are ready for the code changes.

Train eyes on expanded influenza coding

CPT 2011 comes with three new codes for influenza typing - 875XX1-875XX3. The purpose of the codes is to recognize analyte-specific molecular detection of influenza virus types and subtypes.

Even though influenza subtype detection has had recognized importance for some time, it regained significance with the novel H1N1 pandemic last year.

You will choose among these three codes based on whether the lab identifies a single type or subtype (875XX1) or two types/subtypes (875XX2), and any additional types/subtypes (875XX3 for each additional type or subtype).

Do not miss just-in HIV screening options

You will use one of three new G codes to identify HIV screening for some Medicare patients. The codes describe rapid tests for individuals at increased risk of contracting HIV. You will also use the codes for Medicare patients who receive rapid HIV testing at some important points during pregnancy. Remember that CMS says the definitions for these codes may change.

For more on the new lab test codes for 2011 and other CPT coding updates, sign up for a one-stop medical coding website. Onboard such a site, you'll have a CPT coding lookup tool along with official code descriptors, section guidelines, special instructions and lots more!

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